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Lift Chairs: Dick’s Homecare has the right lift chair for you!

When you or a loved one have a problem getting up and out of your favorite seat, a lift chair from Dick’s Homecare is the answer. Each of our locations has a wide variety of lift chairs available from name brands like Pride® and Golden Technologies. Choose your own style, pick your upholstery, color, and add extras like heat and massage. Stop in to see how we can get your lift chair to your home today. You may even be eligible for reimbursement from you insurance company.




Bath Safety Equipment: Full Line at Dick’s Homecare

Dick’s Homecare has a full line of Invacare®bath safety equipment available for use in your home. When you need transfer benches, bedside commodes, grab bars, and safety frames, see the professionals at the nearest Dick’s Homecare location to obtain the best equipment to meet your needs.

BathroomChairBathroomEquipgrab barraised toilet seat


Beds & Bed Products: Comfort & Support with Dick’s Homecare

When bedtime comfort at home requires an electric hospital bed to alleviate pain and other discomfort, rely on Dick’s Homecare for your loved ones who need frequent position changes and other support not found in a normal bed. Call us today to find out how to get a hospital bed delivered to your home.

HospitalBedTray hospital bed

Mobility Aids: Getting Around Safely with Dick’s Homecare

Dick’s Homecare has the best in mobility aids, from name brands like Invacare® and Drive®, for an enhanced quality of life. We have a complete line of products that are easy to use, have great functions, and offer added comfort and support when needed. Choose from walkers, canes, and walker seats that get you where you need to go safely.

MobilityAidsWalkerCanecane 1cane 2

Vehicle Lifts: Dick’s Homecare Gets You Places!

Enjoy an active lifestyle with the right Harmar® lift for your vehicle and the equipment you use every day. Dick’s Homecare provides installation and service for vehicle lifts to keep you moving and get you where you need to go safely. There are many types to choose from, so give us a call today.


Wheelchairs: Power to Move You from Dick’s Homecare

When you need additional mobility that only an extra set of wheels can provide, call Dick’s Homecare to review our selection of Manual, Power, Custom Manual, and Scooter chairs. Each is designed to help you move throughout your day in the best way possible. Name brands, such as Invacare® and Drive® help keep you on the go!

Power Wheelchairs

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Manual & Custom Manual Wheelchairs

WheelchairManualWheelchaircustom manualcolours wheelchair


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Seating: Dick’s Homecare has Aids to Keep You Up in Comfort

Being able to sit upright comfortably may be something many of us take for granted. Dick’s Homecare knows there are times when this everyday action requires a lot of support. When this happens for you or a loved one, Dick’s will work with your physician, physical therapist, family, and other care professionals to determine the best seating or positioning aid. Our Rehab Department employs credentialed Rehabilitative Technology Suppliers who recommend options to meet your daily needs. Keep in mind that everyone’s needs change over time, and equipment does get a workout, so when you feel comfort can be improved, give Dick’s Homecare a call.

SeatingSeatinggeneral use cushion

Pediatrics: Young People Get Support from Dick’s Homecare

The durable medical equipment provided by Dick’s Homecare is a very important part of a young person’s care, in just about every facet of life. We are able to supply walkers, adaptive car seats, adaptive strollers, standers, adaptive beds, and a variety of wheelchairs. Our credentialed Rehabilitative Technology Suppliers work with your doctor, therapists, and other caregivers to recommend the best equipment to meet your needs, especially as your loved one grows and changes through the years.

Pediatric2 Pediatric1Pediatrics

Home Oxygen: Dick’s Homecare is Central Pennsylvania’s Leader!

When you need home oxygen service, Dick’s Homecare is the area leader. Our certified respiratory therapists are here to make sure your doctor’s orders are filled to their specifications. Trust Dick’s Homecare to keep you breathing well, and well supplied.


Sleep Therapy: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with Dick’s Homecare

Dick’s Homecare is Central Pennsylvania’s leader in sleep therapy products. Give us a call when you need a C-pap, Bi-pap, or oxygen equipment. Our certified respiratory therapists make sure you have the right fit and all of the proper equipment to ensure you get a restful night’s sleep. Dick’s makes ordering your sleep supplies easy—ask about getting them shipped directly to your home!


Stairlifts: Indoor & Outdoor, Rail & Platform from Dick’s Homecare

Residential stairlifts help you regain access to your home with style and dignity. Stairlifts from Bruno® feature indoor styles with straight and curved rails. Outdoor models are weather resistant and can be covered against the elements. Platform lifts rise vertically for access to the porch, deck, landings, entryways, and more. Dick’s Homecare can install the right type of lift to keep you safe at home.

StairLift elan straight rail elite curve outdoor elite vertical platform lift